My favorite albums of 2014

Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 was a decent year of music and I do tend to listen to rather new or more or less unrecognised artists.
So here's a list of my favorite stuff of 2014.

world's end girlfriend - Girls/Boys Song



Every new WEG release is exciting and I since pretty much every release is different. My first thought after hearing KID and Girls/Boys Song was that WEG went back to his roots, which isn't true though. None of earlier releases really sounded like that but I would say that those releases have everything someone would associate with WEG. He's one of the most creative composers I know of and there is no proper way to describe his music. Anyway, Girls/Boys Song is probably one my favorites, if not my top favorite of his releases so far. The three songs, Boys, Girls and Frank Zapp X Amen Japon Brothers are everything I would expect from WEG... or not considering what I mentioned before.



 Kashiwa Daisuke - 9 Songs


Everything I said about WEG applies to Kashiwa Daisuke as well. Though their style inherently different. Kashiwa Daisuke makes more use of programmed music and I would say his most prominent use of instruments are the piano, cello and some violin. WEG sounds like he uses every instruments known to men and women or he uses just anything that can produce sound. Anyway, when Kashiwa Daisuke's album "Re:" was released, it was advertised as the album with the most pop sound yet. Pop is kinda the last thing I would think about when listening to that album, but it was his best release yet (Ignoring that Program Music I consisted of Stella and Write Once, Run Melos...). 9 Songs would be the album that really deserves the Pop tag considering that pretty much every song features vocals by Piana. Not really what some people would have expected but I still think it's great. The composition is as good as always and the entire album is probably the most coherent of his yet. "Cello and Stalker" (you probably have to reload the soundcloud widget) is also my most listened song of this year and I would say one of his best songs in general.



Mili - Mag Mell


Mili is another talented group that deserves way more recognition. Well, according to some charts, this album was pretty successful all things considered. The arrangements are as good as any WEG or Kashiwa Daisuke release, so fans of those really have to check out Mili. It features vocals by canadian momocashew, which is very cutesy but it really works. The rest of the group, Yamato Kasai (HAMO), Yukihito Mitomo, Shoto Yoshida, Ame Yamaguchi and Ao Fujimori are all from Japan. Check out their Bandcamp, where you can get the acoustic soundtrack of MuNiCa - Cry of Pluto for free if you want.

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