3x3 Eyes Manga Review

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
3x3 eyes

This manga has two faces, one showing a classic manga comedy with the cute and naive Pai and Yakumo, who suddenly became immortal, is this nice guy who can take his situation with a little bit sense of humor. Together with some love-triangle situations and other quirky character you can find many amusing situations.
But on the other side, 3x3 Eyes is this classic horror action manga with scary demons, Pai's not so cute alter ego, lots of gore and a serious plot.

3x3 eyesThat mix of genres works quite well since as long as you don't expect it to be straight horror or comedy.

The manga starts with Yakumo meeting Pai, a strange in dirt covered girl who shows him a letter from his father.
The letter says Pai is a monster, the last one of a race called the Sanjiyan Unkara and how he states monsters who know the secret of immortality. Of course Yakumo calls it bogus even while he's looking at his fathers skull who has promised Pai to help her becoming a human before he died.

The first few chapters and books cover how Yakumo and Pai find out more about the monster world and searching a method to become human. They meet some monster experts on the road like a money-grubbing Hong Kong psychic investigator who doesn't even believe in the supernatural at first.
After that, the manga reveals some twists that make Yakumo and Pai's life much more difficult, especially when they find out that the Three-eyed Devil King is about to be resurrected and his servants try to capture Pai for an unknown reason.

Yakumo keeps on traveling around the world, fighting demons and becoming stronger while he even ends ups on completely different worlds. The interesting thing about Yakumo is the fact that he's "just" an immortal human. He's neither invincible nor super strong.

The characters are all likable enough, but Pai and Yakumo are the most sympathique and interesting. Pai is innocence embodied, simultaneously trying to become human and learning what that really means. Yakumo is just a confused guy trying to deal with the chaos around him.

The art is great and the fights are relatively exciting but mainly consist of a monsters ripping Yakumo to shreds for several dramatic minutes before Pai eventually blows it up. There is a sense of tension, and it's interesting to see a hero who just isn't very effective.

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