Witcher 3

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Been a while since I played AAA game for more than 20 hours but I recently nearly finished Witcher 3.
The game got shilled to me as one of the best open-world games, best RPG, best game period.
I played Witcher 2 and for some reason I nearly remember absolutely nothing about it. Since I didn't know anything about the Witcher world, its lore was the most interesting to me but I do remember really not caring for the actual plot, combat system and restricted maps.
Witcher 3 improved all of that but I have to say it overstayed it's welcome after about 30 hours. This is partially due to my autism where I have to complete every task in a game but I grew really tired of clearing map points and side quests. The after 30 hours, the combat just felt samey every time, the "prepare before a fight" aspect came just down to using a buff if you want, bombs are not necessary and so on. And that's on my first playthrough being on the Death March difficulty.

Witcher 3's strongest aspect for me was the setting, atmosphere and the plot involving having to chase down Ciri. The only problem with that was, with having only played game 2, I knew none of these characters and their history together. But they conveyed well enough how much Geralt cared for Ciri. The points mentioned above were the strongest in the first part in Velen involving the Witches and the Red Baron.
After that, side mission's often felt like a chore and very predictable, loot and gear/level progression wasn't handled very well and main mission didn't feel as memorable as the Velen part. My biggest gripe was with how the Wild Hunt was handled, going in with no prior knowledge about them. I knew they were mentioned in Witcher 2, but my image of them was more of something really mythical and scary that even the Witchers know nothing about them. Killing them in masses, Geralt having been with them past and all that kind of ruined the image I had of them. It would have been way more impactful if the Witchers had no idea how to deal with them, and just taking down one in the final act should have taken a great toll or sacrifice to empathize how out of this world they are.

But anyway, it was a nice adventure. I just grew really tired of its videogame antics towards the end which has as of right now stopped me from finishing the last mission and the Blood and Wine expansion. The Hearts of Stone expansion was very enjoyable as well, although I have the same issue with its "final boss" that I have with the Wild Hunt. Just don't show or explain too much. It would be fine if Geralt didn't have a solution or sword for everything.

Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu-hen

Thursday, February 18, 2016
Kizumonogatari movie poster

I've watched Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu-hen now. I hoped Shaft would put Monogatari on cinema screen and adapt the style accordingly to this format. They had the benefit of having almost 5 years to work on it I guess but I doubt they used all that time to actually work on it, the delay was probably something related to marketing again. It doesn't matter because I would say they even exceeded my expectations.

Game: Secrets of Grindea

Friday, February 12, 2016

I played the current version of Secrets of Grindea and I really liked it. Secrets of Grindea is a kind of oldschool RPG game with influences that I assume come from games like Zelda, Ragnarok Online and Secret of Mana. Given the name, it parodies the tropes a bit, but incorporates the grinding aspect into its story, as you are a member of the Collectors and Adventurer Academy and set out for big treasure and loot. Your adventure begins in Startington, your home village.
... Yes that's the tone of the game that's being set.

Anime: Tokyo Godfathers

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This week I watched Satoshi Kon's Tokyo Godfathers and I guess I'll dump my little thought on it before I forget everything about it again.
First of all, it's definitely one of the best anime movies out there but that doesn't mean a lot.